”I am very impressed this is a real Hummingbird pickguard. If you have been trying to find a Gibson Hummingbird pickguard this is better than the Gibson factory pickguard because the art work does not scratch off in fact it is better than the Gibson pickguard and a bit less cost.
I bought a Gibson Hummingbird pro and just had to have this pickguard as the one that comes with the pro model has a plain looking pickguard.
My old pickguard was easy to remove with a little heat from a hair dryer. (Carefully )This new one was an easy peal and stick very simple.I love this I get alot of compliments on this and I can’t stop looking at it.I finally found a guitar that plays and sounds incredible and thanks to this beautiful pickguard it looks just perfect.
Customer service always answered my questions and this pickguard is well worth the money and the waiting time for them to produce it.
Thank you MV Custom Guitars!
Dan McLellan

Dan Mclellan, Windham, USA